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Look and feel your best on your big night.
Prom is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style. You get to pick out your own dress, your matching corsage, and most importantly, your evening makeup look. The process of pinning down your look can be fun at first (hello, Pinterest ...
No gloopy formulas here.
As much as we all know the importance of wearing SPF daily, there’s no denying that applying sunscreen typically feels like a chore. Plus, no student is willing to spend at least half of their weekly baon on a gloopy sun cream ...
Keep yourself looking fresh with these cult faves.
 Have you ever spent so much time getting ready only to end up looking so haggard after commuting? You’re not alone. Most student commuters don’t even bother to put on makeup anymore because sweat and makeup are definitely not a good combination ...
New year, new skincare!
Now that the new year is finally upon us, it's the best time to update your skincare regimen. We know how time-consuming it can be to stick to a routine every single day, so we've prepped a list of hassle-free skincare staples ...
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