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"All hell broke loose."
If you've been living under a rock and have no idea about the messy breakup between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift last year, here's a recap.Now, we finally learn what was really going on in Calvin's head when he sent out those tweets against ...
We can't believe they're all over.
We are big fan girls here at the Candy HQ and we do ship a lot of celebrities. So whenever we hear news that a particular couple has called it quits, we get heartbroken, too. Below, five of this year's celebrity breakups that we ...
And what we can learn from them!
A lot of good things happened this year, but there were also not-so good things that trended online—like celebrity feuds. 2016 is almost over but we're still not over these fights that rocked the entertainment world, TBH.After Kanye's hit song "Famous" came ...
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After the messy situation that was left after Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's breakup, there had been rumors of the two texting again last October. Recently, Calvin tweeted a public thank you to Rihanna and his ex Taylor! The tweet is for ...
Aww, we get ya, Calvin.
You know that moment when you hear a sad song that's so good that you end up tearing up or almost losing it because it reminds you of something or someone?  Welp, it seems like music producer Calvin Harris has that moment...and it ...
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After their re-engagement during last year's holiday season, Miley Cyrus has been wearing her engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth constantly. However, when she was spotted at the Los Angeles Airport recently, no ring was in sight. But before you go in major panic mode, here's ...
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It's been quite some time now since Harry Styles shocked the 1D fans when he chopped off his signature long locks for his upcoming flick, Dunkirk. Now, another former Directioner followed Harry's lead. Zayn Malik just traded his signature bad boy, scruffy ...
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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's breakup is considered as one of the messiest in the entertainment industry. And we never thought we'd see the day that there'll be some interaction between the two after they called it quits. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that ...
RIP #TayVin
It's been three months since Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's breakup happened. Since then, Calvin has gone back to being the low-key music producer that he is while his ex-lady love faced a ton of controversies—a fight with KimYe, the revelation that she co-wrote Calvin's ...
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Zayn's new career: executive producer? It has been reported that the ex-Directioner is supposedly developing a series for NBC called Boys. The topic is all-too-familiar, too. The show will be about a famous One Direction-esque band. Hmm. (via Entertainment Weekly)Yay! Something to look forward ...
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"Dilemma", originally performed by Nelly and Kelly Rowland, was our soundtrack back in the day. So when we heard this version wherein Taylor Swift performed the hit song with Nelly for Karlie Kloss's birthday, we just had to share the videos with you! We ...
Get the latest deets on the HSM star who got married, Calvin Harris and Kanye West to make music together? Fans are shipping Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, and Elisse Joson dishes out on her biggest heartbreak.
One of our favorite High School Musical stars just got married and we couldn't be more excited! Corbin Bleu tied the knot with his girlfriend Sasha Clements in a dreamy ceremony where Corbin's DWTS partner Karina Smirnof even choreographed their first dance ...
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