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She only had P1,500 to start with.
Running a business while in med school sounds like a lot to take on. But for first-year med student Sofie Andin, it's one way for her to stay connected to her love for the arts, and to keep growing as an artist.Sofie, 22, sculpts ...
At seventeen, life is daunting. More so when you’re running a business.
When I was 17, I was crying over an 85 on my report card. I wasn’t busy transforming my vision and passion to a women-empowering business.Cleorine Loque is, though. Last July 2019, when she was just starting Grade 11 of her senior ...
It’s not easy to start a business.
The K-drama Start-Up just showed us how challenging starting and running a business is—and 21 year-old Kyla Cañete could not agree more. In May 2018, before she entered her first year of college, Kyla began Tala By Kyla (TBK) with nothing more than a ...
Business and fashion? It truly is the best of both worlds!
As a college student majoring in business, it's only safe—almost practical—to imagine that everything we're learning in school would only lead us to two paths down the road: one is to start up your own business and the other is to enter ...
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