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So, how do you really feel?
In 2019, the World Health Organization included burnout in its International Classification of Diseases—which essentially means its a legitimate diagnosis. And, now more than ever, we all should be taking burnout seriously as Manila ranks as the fifth city with the highest ...
Stress is a normal presence in our lives, but as they say, too much of everything is bad.
We all know someone who is involved with various organization work but still manages to excel in class and garner a few awards here and there. These types of people make us say “Wow! Galing mo naman,” or “OMG! How do you ...
College burnout is real.
As terrible as it seems, college burnout is real. It can happen to you, to that blockmate who’s always so cheerful, even to your org’s president who seems like she’s got everything together. Don’t let the burnout eat you alive, know what ...
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