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A.K.A. microblading
So you've probably heard of this little thing called microblading. All the beauty bloggers are raving about it and maybe you've even met someone who's tried it—and loved it already. The process, in itself, is practically flawless. It allows someone to have ...
Are you guilty of any of these?
The quest to get perfect brows daily is a long process—there are threads, razors, growth serums, pencils, powders, and pomades involved. But because we're all human, sometimes we make mistakes without even knowing them! Read on to see if you're guilty of ...
Get cool kilay now!
Back in the day, beauty girls gave emphasis on everything—from the eyes to the lips—but the brows. Fast forward to today and brows have finally taken center stage in the beauty department and we're loving it! Even Clinique's Regional Makeup Education Manager ...
A brow artist weighs in on how you can determine the best arch for your face shape.
We know we've said this before, but great brows can really do wonders for any girl! With the right shape, the right grooming, and the right products, the brows can brighten one's face in a snap, and make one look fresher, too!While ...
Find out the different pros and cons of each brow grooming method.
While a strong lip game adds a quick dose of boldness to a beauty look and a fierce smoky eye can turn normal beauty look into a piercing one, well-groomed and maintained brows frame one's face perfectly, making one look younger and ...
Ditch these bad brow habits and get cool kilay now.
The '90s gal's got the giddiest smile on her face after purchasing her first ever lip gloss and the '00s girl got crazy excited after buying her first red lipstick. Now, brows have somewhat taken centerstage in the beauty department, and while ...
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