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New reads this September!
Author of To All The Boys I've Loved Before and P.S. I Love You Jenny Han has just revealed the cover of the third installment in the series exclusively to Entertainment Weekly.The third and final book Always and Forever, Lara Jean sees the heroine in her senior ...
Fulfill your traveling fantasies without leaving your room by cracking open the pages of these books!
As the saying goes, books are definitely our windows to the world. By flipping through just a few pages, books can transport us thousands of miles to places with views one can only dream of. Whether its turquoise seas, lush forests, or ...
Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff, Heart Evangelista, and more.
Adding "author" to their resume, even celebrities are now bringing their life's knowledge about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle into books that are set to inspire and motivate readers. Take a page out of their books and let their stories help shape yours.Below, ...
Join Emma Watson learn more about equality this year!
We know that one of your goals this year, our dearest Candy Girls and Boys, is reading more books. And because it's better to do anything and everything with friends who'll support you along the way, we encourage you to join UN ...
Sastify the bookworm in you this Christmas!
How long has it been since you last read for fun? After conquering finals week and the many deadlines you had to meet, reward yourself and feed the bookworm in you by grabbing the opportunity to read leisurely over the holidays! Here ...
Believe in a love that lasts all over again.
Very few people actually believe that love can last forever. We can't blame them because it's something that's hard to understand and comprehend because technically, forever doesn't exist for the human race. No person that exists, has existed, and will exist, can ...
Add these babies to your reading list, Candy Girls!
Paper Towns? Check. Eleanor and Park? Check. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before? Check. Looks like you’ve crossed out almost all the popular YA novels in your reading list. Looking for new good reads for the weekend? Don’t fret because we’ve ...
Adding these to your reading list is a must!
The classics are classics for a reason. They have stood the test of time and came out on top of the literary ladder. These gems have been enjoyed by different generations from the past and have been handed down across several reading ...
These heartwarming reads are perfect for staying in on the rainy days! Just a tip: They go perfectly well with a warm cuppa and your comfy sheets.
We totally dig pretty candy-colored book covers and sappy love stories. That's why we're suckers for a good chick lit book. We just love how they can make us laugh, cry, fall in love and feel empowered. This genre of light-hearted, smart, ...
Because we all know how hard it is to adjust to a new school year.
 1  Wonder by R.J. PalacioThis book tells the story of August Pullman, a boy who has extreme facial deformities, when he enters school for the very first time. It’s a touching story of courage and acceptance, and you’ll surely find yourself laughing ...
Looking for a feel-good read during this stressful summer heat? We've listed down seven books for you to pick up on your next visit at the bookstore.
 1  Stargirl by Jerry SpinelliYou won't believe how big a smile this tiny book can put on your face. With the quirkiest name ever, an even quirkier personality, and a pet rat she brings everywhere, Stargirl (yes, that's a person) will surely ...
Because nothing completes summer like a good book!
Summer is about getting all that vitamin “sea”, but don’t forget to take your daily dose of vitamin B (books) as well! Make the most out of your R&R by surrounding yourself with the perfect summer reads.  1  "Paper towns" by John GreenAll ...
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Elaine Dela Cruz 22 hours ago

When everything around you suddenly turns dark, the first thing we'd prolly do, as humans, is to find and grab anything that is closest and nearest to us. We'll hold onto them for as long as we can, trying to collect ourselves and gather courage to adjust our eyesights to the pitch black environment that's consuming us minute by minute. And then you'd hear nothing. Your sense of hearing would somehow go off after not seeing anything for quite awhile. You'll let loose. Cry. Panic. You'll be exhausted for fighting your way out. Then just when you're about to stop and give up, you're no longer afraid. There's only this deafening silence and pithole of darkness that's gonna eat you up alive. And surprisingly, you'll make a home out of it.

You'll make a home out of the darkness that when a ray of light suddenly hits you, you'll try to avoid it. You'll try to cover your eyes. You'll try to cover your ears from the voices trying to help you get out of it. You'll try to hide because your mind and body will go against your will to come out and live. Because the darkness that used to scare you, now comforts you in a way you thought has helped you survived life. And you'll try to live. Day by day. In the darkness. Not knowing where to go. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing who is with you. You will try to live until the darkness that once surrounds you is now within you. And everyday, it's gonna be a cycle of subtle torture. But let me tell you a secret. The darkness won't make you whole.

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You'll be broken. And in those hair-like cracks, the light will stubbornly fight its way through until it warms you up. Until you realize to check the switch and turn it on. Until you allow other people to help you find your way back in the light. Until you realize you're ready to live in light again. There's a light at the end of this long and dreading tunnel. The only question that matters: will you let them in?

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