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Read up on these feisty female leads!
Yes, we're all still swooning over Wonder Woman (if you're one of the few who haven't watched it yet, go see it now!). It's our new obsession, and we're as unashamedly in love with its heroic feats as Diana Prince and Steve ...
Plus, why it's important and why it matters.
The book community has changed throughout the years and indeed in great ways. Diverse books have been dominating the scene lately and everyone is happy about it.Reading diverse books has the ability to empower the readers who think that they are invisible ...
No wonder Emma Watson landed the roles for Hermione Granger and Belle, she's a bookworm herself! Find out what Emma's reading.
Emma Watson still has that Hermione Granger persona, and who knew she was such a bookworm! Emma has her own online bookclub called Our Shared Shelf where she shares girl empowering books on the sites and instagram (@oursharedshelf). Being the feminist that she ...
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