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Some interviewers are ~unaware~ of their popularity.
The past years have been great for the Hallyu wave with K-pop, K-dramas, and K-movies achieving global success. Because of the international recognition, Korean stars are often invited to the U.S to attend a prestigious event, receive their well-deserved award, or talk ...
So that's why he looked familiar!
For all the long-time K-drama fans out there, Lee Min Ho probably ranks high on their list of favorite K-drama actors. I mean, who didn’t fall in love with curly-haired Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers? Now, the 32-year-old actor is ...
Check out Director Bong Joon Ho's own illustrations!
Look, as much as Parasite had everybody glued to their screens, we're sure people it left people with more questions than answers (i.e. "How did they do that flood scene?" and "Is that really what life is like?"). So if you need ...
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