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Nadine Lustre has never been one to back down when it comes to *trolls* and bashers on social media (and we honestly love her for it). On October 26, a Twitter user made uncalled-for comments about Nadine's body and her rumored new ...
All bodies are beautiful.
Gone are the days when calling someone "flat-chested" is a valid insult. Every body is different, and invalidating someone's beauty for the size of their chest makes as much sense as say, telling someone their white T-shirt is too light. Although, we ...
'Grabe anong petsa na, guys, character development naman tayo diyan.'
The pandemic lockdown has taken a toll on all of us in various aspects of our lives, and for some, it's physical. Gabbi Garcia shed light on this issue in a recent tweet of hers calling out body shamers.The 22-year-old Kapuso actress ...
"Others' bodies are totally NONE of your business."
Getting body-shamed has been a common experience for many, many Filipinos, but just because it happens on the regular doesn't mean it's okay and that it should continue. To change the mindset of making others feel bad about their bodies, these celebrities and ...
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