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Try this hack and find the right toner for you.
Our armpits usually take a backseat in our overall skincare regimen. Just swipe on some deodorant and you’re good to go, right? It’s definitely a far cry from the complex morning and night skincare routine you have for your face (10-step skincare, ...
The next time you realize you've forgotten to shave after leaving your house, don't panic.
Picture this: You're at the gate of your school. You walk in, your uniform neatly pressed, your hair fixed, your walk perfected. You feel confident and happy and maybe there's a little more strut in your stride than you're used to, but ...
But were too afraid to do so. Stop stressing—we've got answers for you.
My discharge changes throughout my cycle and I'm worried there's something wrong with me—it's not like I can compare notes with my friends. Is this normal?It's totally normal. Your glands produce discharge (a clear mucus) to keep your lady bits clean and ...
We're sharing what we learned from the experts!
Korean skin care has definitely proven to be one of the best in the world because of how well Koreans take care of their skin. But this time we're focusing on the new Korean skin trend that's all the rage, and it's ...
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