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A combination of Snakes and Ladders and Exploding Kittens.
For the first birthday party of Alex and Shiela dela Cuesta’s daughter, the couple created a game to use as a party favor.From their daughter’s name Deborah which means “bee” in Hebrew, they decided to have a bee-themed birthday party and develop a ...
Be wise with your holiday savings!
Board games are an investment, given their price and quality. Plus the element of risk: Generally, you won’t know how fun (or not) the game is until you’ve bought it and played it with your friends or family. To help you decide ...
Add more fun to your holiday get-together.
What's a barkada Christmas party without a little competition? Aside from the usual Christmas party games we all know and love, try these tableop games to add more fun to your holiday get-together: Number of Players: 2 to 8Gameplay: You and your friends ...
The Candy eds are addicted to board games and card games!
How about you? What kind of board/card games do you love to play? ...
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