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Find out which movies we awarded Best Ending, Worst Prom Ever, and more! P.S. Spoiler alert!
1. Best Valley Girl Accent: Emma Watson in The Bling RingGirl can do no wrong—not even the most annoying, grating accent in the world.via kycb.tumblr.com2. Best Give-Him-His-Own-Franchise-Already Villain: Loki He's so well-loved by everyone, I don't even have to mention which movie ...
Get excited for movies by watching these trailers that just came out this week!
We absolutely can't wait to watch these movies especially after watching their newly-released trailers. Which one are you making sure to watch? Leave a comment and let's squee together!BACK TO SCHOOLFind out how Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan became the inseparable ...
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