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BFF goals!
Best friends Sofia Andres and Elisse Joson recently appeared together on ABS-CBN's Magandang Buhay to share their friendship story. Lucky for us, they both shared the little things that make their friendship work, which we can all apply in our very own relationships.Sofia: "[Nung ...
You can't have just one.
Whether you're friendly or not, we're sure that at some point in your life, you've had someone to call your best friend. Some of them you're still friends with, while some aren't. It's because as we grow older, we mature. Or sometimes, ...
For all the cray things we’ve put them through, it’s time shower them with love.
Knapsack of HopeA collection of everyday items to remind your best friend: It includes a star to keep on shining, a paper clip to hold things together, an eraser to fix small mistakes, a key to open doors to new opportunities, a coin ...
Because you meant a great deal to me and I miss you terribly.
I am very thankful that you were my first friend in college. I believe that our friendship was inspired by the fact that we were both far from home and everything that we have ever known. Unsure and scared of what was ...
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