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You can always count on your BBF to get you out of sticky situations. We list the five moments your BBF came to the rescue!
Your best back friend is more than your average best friend. She's your go-to buddy whenever you have something amazing or depressing to share. She's the one who sits and listens to you without judgment. She knows exactly what you're thinking and ...
We're taking our cues from Whisper girls and BBFs Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo when it comes to friendship.
A lot of us run around with a pack—a group of girls you like to go with when hitting the mall or sharing after-school gossip with, or there’s always your trusty barkada whom you can count on for help with your homework ...
Everyone's all coupled up with a guy date except you. Don't worry, your BBF has got your back. There's fun to be had and we'll tell you how.
There are many reasons why you can become dateless come prom time. You have a date but he cancelled because he suddenly got sick or changed his mind (ouch!) You didn’t get asked to go. You’ve been asked but can’t seem to ...
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