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Making viral-worthy content on YouTube is a good mixture of different things: hard work, originality, authenticity, and genuine passion for content creation, among other things. Bottomline is, it's not as easy as it seems and our favorite YouTubers deserve more credit than ...
Even bacne!
When it comes to skincare, complex routines like the 10-step Korean skincare regimen may work for some. But for others, simple is the best way to go. Content creator and college student Bella Racelis recently learned that, for her, a simplified routine is what works best. ICYDK: ...
Aside from the budol, life hacks, and entertaining content, another thing we're thankful for discovering from our favorite YouTubers' videos is their cute relationships with their siblings! Not only can we relate to their dynamics as siblings, but we also discover new personalities ...
She recently joined Bella in one of her YouTube videos!
We love it when content creators' family members make a cameo in their videos. It's interesting to see their dynamics as a family and also shows a *real and raw* side to our favorite influencers.One content creator whose family is also adored by ...
So casual and fresh!
Denim jeans are considered a closet staple by everyone—you probably have a favorite pair that you consider to be your go-to. But if you're looking for more ways to wear it other than just the old jeans + shirt combo, look no ...
Timeless and polished!
If there's one thing we learned from writing about fashion stories for a living, it is the fact that classic pieces create the best outfits. One good example of this is Bella Racelis, who loves mixing and matching modern basics with trendy ...
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