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It seems that the TikTok superstar has a little crush on Joshua.
Another day, another ~playful~ celebrity interaction on social media! Just yesterday, netizens caught TikTok superstar Bella Poarch commenting on Joshua Garcia’s Instagram post, fueling dating rumors between the two. The flirty exchange took place on the actor's IG post, specifically featuring his topless photos from his ...
"May pila po!"
If you've ever been a fan of multiple artists, then you're probably familiar with that giddy feeling one often gets when they spot their faves interacting on the internet. If you're a fan of internet-famous personalities, here's one comment that might make your ...
Some were temporarily banned while others got demonetized.
Content creation is, no doubt, a legit career by now and most digital creators rely on producing content on various social media platforms as their primary source of income. Many internet influencers, however, have been subject to being banned or penalized on different social media ...
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