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There were so many funny, kilig, and devastating moments on the big screen this year that in the words of the amazing Taylor Swift, we "literally just died, dead, and (we) couldn't breathe anymore so (we) died, RIP me hashtag."
When Hazel found out that Gus had died in The Fault in Our Stars. She was wearing his shirt, you guys!When Four confirmed that he's a Divergent like Tris in this nail- (and lip-) biting scene.via anthroopos.tumblr.comWhen Mia and Adam held hands in ...
This year, these albums had us spinning records to no end.
1989, Taylor Swift. Taylor ditched her country roots and went all pop with her latest record, yet this ends up as her best album to date.Standout tracks: "Blank Space," "Style," and "New Romantics"Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey. Channeling a different type of pop, ...
Heartaches getting the best of you? These movies are going to make you feel loads better, promise.
When people said you need a good serving of your favorite food and a few good movies after getting your heart broken, they weren't kidding. These movies might actually make you feel a little better and give you enough reason to get ...
Let's celebrate how these movie OSTs gave us all the feels.
A movie's soundtrack is as important as the movie itself. It stirs emotions, which makes the film even more memorable. Here are 7 films that have done a great job of putting together A+ tracklists to give you the best movie experience:1. ...
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