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She definitely knows what she's doing at just 16 years old!
Meet Lorde's sister, India Yelich-O'Connor. At just 16 years old, India is slowly making a mark for herself with her cool sense of style and knowledge for beauty, which seems to definitely run in their family. When we first got to know ...
She's supermodel Cindy Crawford's daughter and she's ready to take the spotlight all on her own at just 13 years old.
We're always on the lookout for new beauty and style inspo here at the Candy HQ and we also make sure to share them with you. That's why when we recently saw some photos of former supermodel Cindy Crawford with her gorgeous ...
From her cute hair to her flawless skin, there's nothing you won't love about this ultra cool girl.
If you love trolling Tumblr and all your social media feeds (like Instagram and Pinterest), you've probably seen Irene Kim at least once! She's a Korean model who frequents fashion weeks around the globe as both the muse and guest, and you ...
We're seriously obsessed with Johnny Depp's daughter.
Here at the Candy HQ, we tend to easily obsess over cool new products, really pretty social media feeds, and awesome girls who serve as amazing role models and style inspo. Which is why when we stumbled upon the Instagram account of ...
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