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How to be good to your skin AND your beauty routine!
You'd think that by the time you reach your semi-adult years, you'd know better right? While we all have our fair share of bad habits that range from the annoying to disgusting and even downright embarrassing, your beauty routine isn't something you ...
How far are you willing to go?
When it comes to the beauty department, there are some things guys will never understand. But to be frank, there are a few treatments, hacks, secrets—call it whatever you want—that even other women themselves don't get, and true-blue beauty girls swear by ...
The star of Victorious lets us in on what makes her effortlessly beautiful.
Victoria Justice, singer and actress, shares with Self a few of her beauty rituals that keep her looking pretty as ever.On her glowing skin. "I wash off my makeup every night before bed. It's my number-one rule for good skin."Her pimple-concealing trick. ...
Start the year right with these resolutions that will make you even more beautiful at the end of the month.
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