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Take notes.
Whether you're in high school or in college, with all the papers that you have to write, readings that you have to know by heart, and let's not forget the Friday night outs that help you stay sane in school, late nights ...
Take note of these early signs, Candy Girls!
While these days, girls are more conscious about their skin care—be it a simple cleanse-tone-moisturize regimen or a dramatic 10-step Korean skin care routine—anti-aging still isn't the main priority of the college girl. After all, isn't twenty too young for wrinkles anyway? ...
Find out how you can keep your skin looking radiant.
One significant way of telling if you have healthy skin is by having an equally healthy glow. Lucky for you, Candy Girls, most teens are blessed with a healthy glow even without the use of foundation, concealer, and other makeup goodies. But ...
We've got you, Candy Girls!
Every college girl has a skin care regimen that she absolutely swears by. But whether it's a basic cleanse-tone-moisturize regimen or a trendier Korean-inspired skin care routine, it's normal for a college girl to not worry about wrinkles yet. After all, don't ...
Is it necessary to start young?
Most girls don't worry about anti-aging routines and products because no wrinkles are showing, their skin is still glowing so why bother? But is fighting off wrinkles and other skin problems that come with old age better than preventing it before it ...
Banish the dark clouds under your eyes!
A girl faces a lot of beauty problems in a lifetime. From major problems like acne season to something as mundane as having a bad hair day, the list goes on and on. Even with the long list of beauty problems, you ...
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Creating beach waves is every girl's answer to changing up hairstyles naturally. Check out the four different, fun, and easy ways you can achieve this look!
Switching up hairstyles every day can be challenging and even a little tedious that sticking to one look ends up seeming easier and a lot safer. But don't worry, we've got the solution to change up your beauty looks once in a ...
Save yourself a whole lot of damage control by keeping these beauty musts in mind!
Get gorgeous under the sun with a minimal amount of fuss.
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