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Transform your T&B into an idyllic nook with these indoor wonders
When it comes to decorating the bathroom, many homeowners choose to display framed prints above the water closet or a captivating vignette on the counter featuring a tray filled with scented candles, jars of essentials, and a vase of blooms. If you're ...
It'll make getting ready in the morning much easier!
Always have to drag yourself out of bed into the bathroom to get ready for the day? Does it take you half an hour to actually convince yourself that it's time to take a bath already? I don't think we need to ...
You won't believe how fresh and cool PNU's new ladies' room is!
What's one of the worst possible things when it's that time of the month, or just when you have an emergency and need to go? Disgusting bathrooms! When there's no water or tissue paper and the floor and toilet are dirty? Yup, ...
CAREFREEĀ® officially turns over new bathrooms to St. Catherine Special Learning Center in Antipolo.
After 10 weeks of work, the new fresh rooms of St. Catherine Special Learning Center were officially turned over last June 14, 2013. This restroom makeover is the prize awarded to the school after winning the CAREFREE® Fresh Room promo earlier this ...
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