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P700 well spent!
Batangas is well-loved for its churches, coffee, and most of all, its resorts and beaches. And just recently, thanks to Nikki Reyes' Facebook post, we found another reason to love Batangas even more.We're talking about Isola Vista Beach Resort in Pagkilatan, Batangas. It's ...
It happens.
It's easy to believe that your barkada will stay together forever, or at least until you've graduated college. Making plans of spontaneous beach trips and future weddings seemed so simple when you had your besties by your side, as you put off ...
Go back to 18th-century Philippines!
If you've grown tired of beach getaways but aren't too keen on having staycations (and have a limited budget, to boot), then a trip to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan is the perfect middleground.Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is ...
Being a nerd is not bad at all.
You are a fine lady but you give an overly simplistic vibe. You wear the neatest uniform and your backpack is loaded with books and various supplies. Your favorite accessory is your pair of specs. You never look at yourself on the bathroom ...
Explore, experience, and enjoy nature with the convenience of your home at this impressive camp site.
GLAMPING comes from the words glamour and camping. It is basically camping with a twist of luxury! You get to enjoy nature while staying in giant tents with comfortable beds and amenities that make you feel as if you’re at home or ...
For all the girls who feel left out because they are the only ones in the group who don't have boyfriends.
I know you probably feel left out because you are the only one who doesn't have a date every Saturday night. You may feel like you're the ugliest girl in the group because everyone has their Prince Charming. But you are still ...
Be FOMO-free with these friendly tips!
It sure is fun to be in a barkada. The bond that we share with our group of friends is something that adds unexplainable happiness to our lives. Although sometimes, we get so sidetracked by other matters such as school, family, relationships ...
Looking for somewhere to hang out with your guy, your bestie, or barkada? We know all the places you can check out!
Heading out for a fun weekend with your friends but have no idea where to go? Check out some of these spots for an awesome weekend ahead!If you love taking impromptu shoots with your gal pals, go for places that provide a ...
Avoid these scenarios for a foolproof barkada vacation.
We all know that traveling solo is no easy feat, let alone traveling with your friends. It's hard enough to gather everyone for a simple dinner, what more if you're planning to go on a 3-day beach trip with the whole gang? ...
Here's how you can have your own sisterhood of the travelling pants.
When the squad is always up for an adventure but you have no savings, it get a little sad to just end up at home, forever cyber-bonding with your besties. But eventually social media gets boring, and your need for a barkada ...
When you're tired of trick-or-treating routine, here are things you could do to spice up the Halloween with your besties!
Halloween is definitely one of the most awaited events of the year where you get to dress up with your gals and go trick or treating. As a kid, we plan our costumes ahead of time because the scarier your costume, the ...
Yes, I know how it feels.
Yes, I know how it feels—the awkwardness of being the only single around your friends. The imaginary painful stab in your gut the moment they do what girlfriends and boyfriends do. Seriously, do you have to act that way in front of ...
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When everything around you suddenly turns dark, the first thing we'd prolly do, as humans, is to find and grab anything that is closest and nearest to us. We'll hold onto them for as long as we can, trying to collect ourselves and gather courage to adjust our eyesights to the pitch black environment that's consuming us minute by minute. And then you'd hear nothing. Your sense of hearing would somehow go off after not seeing anything for quite awhile. You'll let loose. Cry. Panic. You'll be exhausted for fighting your way out. Then just when you're about to stop and give up, you're no longer afraid. There's only this deafening silence and pithole of darkness that's gonna eat you up alive. And surprisingly, you'll make a home out of it.

You'll make a home out of the darkness that when a ray of light suddenly hits you, you'll try to avoid it. You'll try to cover your eyes. You'll try to cover your ears from the voices trying to help you get out of it. You'll try to hide because your mind and body will go against your will to come out and live. Because the darkness that used to scare you, now comforts you in a way you thought has helped you survived life. And you'll try to live. Day by day. In the darkness. Not knowing where to go. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing who is with you. You will try to live until the darkness that once surrounds you is now within you. And everyday, it's gonna be a cycle of subtle torture. But let me tell you a secret. The darkness won't make you whole.

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You'll be broken. And in those hair-like cracks, the light will stubbornly fight its way through until it warms you up. Until you realize to check the switch and turn it on. Until you allow other people to help you find your way back in the light. Until you realize you're ready to live in light again. There's a light at the end of this long and dreading tunnel. The only question that matters: will you let them in?

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