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So you'll be able to save your allowance for other things.
When you're busy getting all your school requirements handled, you sometimes tend to forget to pause and take a break. And when you do have the time, you end up bingeing on junk food or fast food for a quick midday boost.IMAGE ...
Because a simple sandwich just doesn't cut it anymore.
In five minutes you can create this all-around sauce to use as salad dressing, dip or spread that has the delicious goodness of avocados, garlic, parsley, cilantro, jalapeño and pistachios to name a few.Improve a regular cheese filled sandwich with cream cheese ...
Skip the fast food line and pack your own baon instead!
Instant Noodle CupNo preservatives and tiny dried bits that taste bleh, this site describes the healthy options and easy method of storing and making your own instant noodle cup.Egg Fried Rice in a MugIf you have 5 minutes to spare, you can ...
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  No kilay, no problem. Calling all you girls with sparse brows, barely-there kilay, and victims of overplucking. This just might be the answer to your #kilaygoals. Hallelujah! (via Beautiful brown eyes. Oh, brown-eyed girls. Here's a little something to make your peepers look even ...
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  Makeup style. No clue what your style is when it comes to putting on makeup? Take this quiz to find out! (via Hey, four-eyes. Always feeling self-conscious about your specs? This video might convince you that it's time to embrace your glasses and say ...
Always dread what's inside your lunch box? Never fear your baon again!
Do you sometimes find yourself cringing even before you open your lunch box? Mostly because you already know it'll just be a rehash of last night's ulam or a redux of this morning breakfast? We get it. But there are a lot of ...
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Who says your baon has to be boring? We serve up these delectable bento dishes for you to try!
Want to calm down? Throw in: Rice, chicken, sausage, cheese, corn chips, and guacamole. Why it works: Other than seeming like a bento box of comfort foods, it can actually tame tension because it is rich in healthy complex carbs. Taken in ...
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♥ Want to start running? Women's Health cover girl Michelle Estuar shares 5 tips to become a winning runner. (via FemaleNetwork)♥ Starting college and have run out of clothes to wear? Check out this trend report and see if you can mix ...
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