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"How much does high school stuff really matter? We're only here for four years." "If we live that long."
13 Reasons Why, the Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher's bestselling novel about a teenage girl's suicide, is difficult to watch in many ways. Like Clay Jensen, we feel torn between wanting to go through all 13 of Hannah Baker's tape recordings in ...
Anyone can help.
In this eye-opening anti-bullying campaign, a girl is being called names and insulted by girls a little bit older than her. What happens next is a prime example of how anyone can prevent bullying. The only thing stopping you is when you ...
Thank you.
Thank you.Whether it was during my chilhood or puberty stage, you made school a battlefield. Yes, we go to school to learn. Perhaps you were all part of that package. And I must say, I'm lucky to have encountered people like you.You ...
Because One Direction and anti-bullying are more than enough to get you excited to go back to school.
Justin Bieber talks cyberbullying and why you should be aware of what's happening online.
We love how Justin Bieber joins the battle against cyberbullying in this PSA. Click play to watch the video and find out how you can be more responsible online. Remember to always #banbullying. The next life you save could be your own.( ...
After getting ridiculed for her appearance, this teen gets a free surgery to pin her ears back. Just right or too much?
In this CNN feature, a 14-year-old teen girl undergoes plastic surgery to pin back her ears. Nadia Ilse from Georgia had long suffered being called "Dumbo" because of her "elephant ears." She was tired of being bullied and begged her mother for ...
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Spread the word: it's time to stop bullying. Sign the pact, read about it, and promote on your blog and websites. bans bullying. Join the fight against bullying!
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