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Book your tickets!
2022 was an unprecedented time for live music in the Philippines. We've seen concert after concert come our way—and fans are back to wondering what it would be like to sell kidneys in exchange for tickets. We are making up for lost ...
From *NSYNC to Westlife, go down memory lane and find out which boyband reigned supreme when you were born!
What other fun trivia do you want to learn about the year you were born? Hit us up and we'll feature them! ...
We pay tribute to the music that defined our pre-teen years.
Waves of nostalgia always come in whenever we think about our pre-teen girl days. It was the time when we would be at our happiest at the sight of invisible pens, colorful ties and hair clips, slap bracelets, and morning cartoons. But ...
There are a lot of reunion news lately. We can't help but look back at some of our favorite ones and pull a #FlashbackFriday right now!
1. The Sound of Music. After 45 years, the Von Trapp family—headed by Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews—reunited on Oprah where they talked about what kept them busy after their movie became a classic and about the memoir they were were releasing that ...
Want to know what were the songs we played on loop in 1999?
What are your favorite songs from the '90s, Candy Girls? Tell us about them in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom to join the conversation. ...
We share our favorite fangirl/fanboy encounters (or at least those we wish happened!).
What's your best fan encounter?I missed Bigbang when they were here in Manila, but that would definitely be it. —Jed, Fashion and Beauty Assistant ...
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It's the ultimate battle of the boybands. Which group gets your vote?
Spin a CD, rock out at a concert, and shop for toys and games—all happening this weekend!
If you were to choose, who would you pick? Justin Bieber or Backstreet Boys?
monday"Backstreet, because they have soul." RJ, 19tuesdaytuesday"Backstreet"Regil, 20wednesdaywednesday"Backstreet because they're old school." Allen, 19thursdaythursday"Definitely Backstreet because I used to call myself a Backstreet Boy back in the day. It brings back old memories." Mico, 20fridayfriday"backstreet, they're classic. When people hear their songs, ...
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