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Jo talks about her makeup routine while sharing words of wisdom about learning to respect—if not love—your body.
Many of us struggle with how we perceive our bodies, especially if the things we see around us dictate and influence how we should react to how we look. As a registered dietitian and nutritionist, Jo Sebastian's expertise involve helping people (and ...
EJ shares their skincare routine and go-to makeup look in this episode of B&A.
One peek at fashion and lifestyle content creator EJ Nacion's Instagram feed and you'll know that they aren't one to shy away from unapologetically showing off a variety of makeup looks, may it be from simple, sun-kissed makeup to bright and bold looks. That wasn't ...
She has been working as a digital creator since 2018.
Digital creator Cheska Cabrera has been working in front of the camera ever since she was young. As a child, Cheska has starred in various commercials, and this experience paved the way for her to be more confident in how she presents herself ...
Here's her hassle-free look for return demonstrations!
As a nursing student, return demonstrations are a regular part of Candy Rookie Aash Suaco's online class routine. And while she doesn't need to put on makeup during regular online classes, return demonstrations often require them to look presentable and neat as part ...
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