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Netizens left unsolicited remarks about her body and sexuality.
If there’s one thing Awra Briguela is insanely good at, it’s flaunting her *gorgeous* bod on her Instagram grid. After all, she previously mentioned that she’s proud of her glow-up and is confident in being her unapologetic self. So when strangers on ...
*Takes notes for Halloween 2023*
There’s nothing quite like Halloween to dress up and go all out with eerily awesome costumes! Case in point: our favorite Gen Z celebs, who donned their best versions of iconic characters and creepy creatures for a holiday like no other.If you find ...
Heighten the excitement for your big day!
Turning eighteen is probably one of the most magical times in a person's life. It's the point when teens start to let go of their childhood selves to welcome a new phase that's foreign but still full of possibilities. To mark the ...
They all had a ~main character~ moment during the red carpet segment!
When Vice Ganda dropped the highlights of the “first beki star-studded” party on her YouTube channel on Sunday, our fave content creators on TikTok and YouTube uploaded snapshots of themselves on their socials, and we are here for it! As seen on ...
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