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Thinking of working abroad after graduation?
A great number of overseas Filipino workers were sent home due to the global economic shutdown. Because of this, many workers question their ability to find or rebuild a career in another country.The good news is that despite the continuous challenges of the pandemic, ...
Good news: They are still accepting applicants for the year 2022.
Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it can get pretty financially draining so it's something aspiring international students really have to save up for. Nonetheless, scholarship opportunities are one way to help you fulfill your dreams of studying abroad for free.If you've always ...
She has some *helpful* tips, too.
Many students dream of getting to study overseas, in one of their dream destinations no less, and even land a job there. This Pinay has always dreamed of living abroad, and fortunately, she was able to tick off that goal on her ...
And how to lend a helping hand to the firefighters and koalas caught in the blaze.
The country of Australia is no stranger to bushfires, which can be traced back to as early as 1851, according to the Forest Fire Management of Victoria. The first recorded event took place on February 6, 1851, on what is now known ...
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