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And it even caught the attention of the OG author!
For some artists, creativity is hard to come by in this time—but Justine Daquioag, an illustrator and designer, found a way to breathe life into a show she started during the quarantine.Justine fell in love with Until We Meet Again, a Thai television series ...
Get to know Dani Go in this Q&A with
In quarantine, as live performances and art fairs have been deemed non-essential outside the home, we've come to know just how essential art is to our mental health. Luckily, many artists didn't stop creating while in quarantine, with some even going as far ...
He’s currently helping our frontliners.
Pio is a 9-year-old kid who loves to paint. Thanks to his fascination with galaxies and a dream to become an astronaut, he started to paint the galaxy at the age of three using his mother’s makeup palettes and brushes. At the age of four, he ...
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Last year, you experimented with makeup and dressing up to figure out what works for you. Here are the top beauty and fashion essentials that made you realize just how fun finding your personal style can be!Best Fashion Trend: Vintage Runners-Up: Mod ...
Here's what went on behind the camera at our cover shoot.
The Ultimate Prom Primer on date dos and don'ts.
Flower PowerBoutonniéres and corsages are part and parcel of the prom tradition. Typically, these flowers match what you're going to wear, and are either pinned to your dress (near the shoulder) or worn with a garter or ribbon around your right wrist. ...
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The Candy eds share what their fave accessory is! What about you? What your favorite accessory? ...
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The Candy eds share what nevers goes out of style in their closets. How about yours? ...
Can you guess which band won? Which cake looks better? ;) Flip through these behind-the-scenes snappies!
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