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"'Di ko akalaing magkakaroon ng gano'ng karaming views 'yun actually," he shares.
If you are up for some wholesome content or an aspiring architect looking for educational videos to watch, you're probably one of the 2.13 million subscribers of YouTuber and architect Oliver Austria. But did you know that he once had an audience ...
It's possible!
Every college student strives to do their best to excel academically, to the point where they sacrifice sleep and health just to submit a paper on time or pass an exam. Despite what most people would have you believe, becoming a student achiever doesn't ...
It can be built in four hours!
In recent years, tiny homes have become increasingly popular, and it's mainly due to their affordability. Previously, Real Living featured a couple who had built a 6sqm house in Cavite with only P280,000!If you’re ~obsessed~ with this (practical) trend, you might want to check ...
Based on their overall performance at the licensure examinations.
Architecture is one of the popular college courses being taken up in the Philippines, but it isn't the easiest. To be a full-fledged architect, you'll have to endure the college life and get a degree before taking up the licensure exams. It's ...
It's now a transient house.
Llyan Oliver Austria has built a reputation for being able to explain architectural concepts in terms us mere mortals can understand, making him a Youtube-favorite not just of aspiring architects, but of anyone interested in design and room makeovers.He's also well-known for his reaction ...
Never lose hope, fam.
If you love watching architect Llyan Austria's YouTube tutorials (or his celeb home and video game reviews), you wouldn't be surprised to know that he actually ranked fifth in the the Architect Licensure Exam back in 2016. With a passing rate of 81.50 percent, he ...
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