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Don't miss the latest deets on Ed Sheeran's new filter for Snapchat, the Pitch Perfect casts' aca-mazing instagram pose, What James thinks of Nadine Lustre's bikini Instagram pic, Rain's comeback with a special collab, and the great twist on the reboot of Charmed.
If you haven't noticed yet, Ed Sheeran just dropped us two new singles! But that's not all Ed had under his sleeve, he got to partner with Snapchat to create a special filter just for him, which previews his new song with ...
Let's talk about relationships with Anna Kendrick herself!
Anna Kendrick shares some of her cringe-worthy dating experiences and the choices she made when she hit her mid-20s in her memoir, Scappy Little Nobody, saving us so we won't have to make the same ones. Here's some of the advice she gave that ...
Don't miss the latest news on Kendall Jenner's Instagram, Scarlett Johansson in new Ghost in the Shell trailer, Neko Atsume live-action movie, Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect revelation, and Daniel Padilla's upcoming 2017 projects with Kathryn Bernardo.
We've constantly tried refreshing, but it seems Kendall Jenner has actually deleted her Instagram account! We are faced with "Sorry, this page isn't available" whenever we try to access her IG account. But thankfully, her Twitter, Facebook and other account are still running. Kendall ...
Who's excited to return to the wizarding world?!
There was a time when no play date was complete without these dolls and their rainbow-colored hair. Now the Trolls are back, optimistic as ever except for one overly cautious Troll (voiced by Justin Timberlake) who's terrified of the Bergens, the Trolls' ...
These sweet photos will make you feel more Christmas-y this season.
We all know that this is true: celebrities are just like the rest of us. We can see that especially during the holidays when they choose to spend this important celebration with the people who really matter in their lives. If you're ...
These selfies made headlines this year.
We already know which Instagram photo was most-liked this year or the TV shows that trended and even the most followed music stars of 2015. But do you know which selfies were most-searched on Google? We're happy that Google finally released this ...
All our favorites in one event, you guys!
The American Music Awards 2015 just happened earlier and some of our favorite names from the music world gathered in Los Angeles, California to celebrate music. 1  Did Harry Styles just roll his eyes at Gigi Hadid?OH MY GOD HARRY JUST ROLLED HIS ...
Don't miss today's updates on the HSM reunion, Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron's movie, On the Wings of Love's trailer, LizQuen's reunion movie, and Ed Sheeran's NBC special.
After all these years, the cast of High School Musical are still in it together! After several years, a few of the cast members—Ashley Tisdale(Sharpay Evans), Corbin Bleu (Chad Danforth), Monique Coleman (Taylor McKessie), Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans), and Olesya Rulin (Kelsi Nielson)—had a ...
Don't miss today's updates on Ed Sheeran's duet with a fan, Pitch Perfect 3, Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas's sweet photos, Demi Lovato as Smurfette, and Nick Jonas on Scream Queens.
Ed Sheeran just did the sweetest thing for a fan. His teenage fan got the surprise of her life when Ed himself came up onstage during her performance and sang "Thinking Out Loud" with her. BRB, you guys, we're trying to wipe the ...
Don't forget to read today's updates on One Direction and Zayn Malik's nomination, Katy Perry's song "1984," Julia Barretto for Modess, Emma Watson in Regression, and Anna Kendrick's performance during an interview.
The first set of nominees for Fox's 2015 Teen Choice Awards have been announced, and it's gotten kinda awkward. First, One Direction fans aren't happy that they nominated the four remaining boys against Zayn Malik for Fashion Choice Male Hottie. Second, Selena Gomez ...
Don't miss the latest on Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift behind the scenes of "Bad Blood," Anna Kendrick as Indianna Jones, Nick Jonas's tour, and The Scorch Trials.
Ariana Grande clearly loves her fans. How much? She sang a duet with them while she was inside a moving vehicle in Paris for the Honeymoon Tour, that's how much. Watch them belt out to "One Last Time" and her other songs ...
Don't miss the latest on Pitch Perfect 2, Zayn Malik's new direction, Flesh and Bone, Lemony Snickets' A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Christina Grimmie's latest single.
In just a few weeks, Pitch Perfect 2 will be in cinemas to make us sing and dance again. But before it premieres, they are making sure that our emotions are on point... or maybe not. The newest clip from the movie is ...
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