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You'll be amazed by their TikTok videos!
Content creators such as as Ida Anduyan, David Guison, Angelique Manto, Mike Miguel, and more of their influencer friends have been living their best lives in Boracay this past week. On their Instagram profiles, you can see photos of their fresh vacation OOTD photos and ...
You can never go wrong with black!
The pandemic in all its dreariness has unleashed a sartorial fixation on color. After spending over a year sitting on unfulfilled energy, it makes perfect sense for people to just want to wear vibrant things– just look at the persistent Y2K trend and ...
The internet thinks the two are dating.
Fans of content creators love it when their faves collab or hang out together, so it didn't take long for admirers of both David Guison and Angelique Manto to get all hyped up upon hearing of speculations that the two are dating each other.The ...
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