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It gave us the chills!
Is it just us or did Taylor Swift's new post give you the chills, too? This girl is definitely up to something and we're v v excited for it! She posted a video of a moving snake's tail, which as of this ...
Spoiler alert: She's good!
The moment Angelina Montano gets a hold of her ukulele and starts strumming it and singing, we see a totally different Angelina. Like an alter ego, the shy 15-year-old transforms into a confident singer with absolutely no inhibitions and no care in ...
The shy 15-year-old is a pro at talking to the camera!
On most days, she's a regular girl—a daughter, sister, friend, student—while on other days, Angelina Montano is all glammed up and taking over the internet, either through her flawless selfies, singing chops and ukulele-playing skills, and her paintings.And because not everyone gets ...
Plus, she shares four tips on how to maintain a perfect mother-daughter relationship.
Angelina Montano and mom Sunshine Cruz could easily pass off as sisters, not only because they look like they only have a two-year age gap, but also because they're super close. Watch the video below to find out what Angelina has to ...
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