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There's a different mindset for every spot.
When we’ve got moolah in our pockets, it gets very tempting to just spend on almost anything and everything we set our eyes on. While your money is your own concern and how you spend it is a God-given right you get ...
Yes, you're going to spend a lot!
It's been exactly 173 days since I took my last Theo orals ever, and 122 days since I walked around the Ateneo de Manila campus as a student of the university. While for most people a couple of months may not seem ...
The full college experience always comes with a price.
While spending habits tend to differ from one person to another, we attempted to put together an estimate on how much an average student needs to ~survive~ college. Please note that these are all based on the writer's personal experience as a ...
Don't let your allowance go to waste.
Recovering from summer expenses can seem as tough as trying to heal a sun burn, especially when you don’t have a tightly-knit budget plan. Ever had that feeling when you want a certain thing that you just can't have because you've got ...
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