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Team no sleep!
Ever had a long night out or an all-nighter for your finals week? I'm sure all of us Candy Girls have been through that a couple of times. However, no amount of caffeine will ever be enough to boost your appearance and make ...
No one will ever know that you had a sleepless night.
On mornings after a hell week or a hell night when you feel like you're looking less refreshed than usual, try these impressive tricks to appear less puyat and haggard:Wake up your skin with a toning mist charged with nourishing fruit and ...
Fake a good night's sleep with these easy to do makeup tricks!
Every college girl knows that all-nighters are pretty much inevitable. After all, keeping up with a ton of readings, passes to accomplish, and don't even let us get started on late night org meetings and weekend activities never gets easy! While being ...
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