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Behold the evolution of their album covers.
Thought the musicians and their musical style are the only ones that went through an evolution so they can become the world-class performers they are now? Wrong. Even their album covers went through one, too. From teen-y, they now provide us with ...
Plus a free track is up for download in the next 24 hours.
No big deal. The One Direction official Facebook Page basically just updated their profile photo to this just minutes ago—and we have to admit it took us by surprise. We were too busy getting excited about the movie in October that we ...
Are you getting excited for 1D's third studio album coming out in November?
What do you think of One Direction's new album cover art? The album art for the boyband's third record, Midnight Memories, was revealed and spread like wildfire on the WWW through social networks. And if that didn't get you excited enough, here's a ...
Learn how you can recreate the singer's glamorous makeup look from her latest album cover!
Demi Lovato just released her latest album Unbroken this year and we just couldn't keep our eyes from looking at her gorgeous album cover. The singer looks fierce and ultra glamorous with her makeup look and we absolutely love it! With her ...
The group just posted the album art for their sophomore album with a special message for their fans.
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