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Let Alyssa, Bestie, Gela, Aileen, Kristine, and Bea show you how to dress up your chic summer staples this month! Check back daily for new style tips.
This month of May, we're celebrating this year's batch of rising fashionistas, the Candy Style Stars, with 31 stylish days filled with outfit inspo! Your favorite bloggers Alyssa Lapid, Bestie Konisis, Gela Munoz, Aileen Belmonte, Kristine Garduque, and Bea Benedicto will show ...
The Brewing Happiness blogger shows us how to dress up like a smart girl with a twist to kick off the school year! Check back daily all month long to know how to give your looks that geek-chic touch!
Aileen Belmonte is the resident blogger of Brewing Happiness and for this month of June, she shows us how to dress up like a smart girl but with her own personal twist. If you're looking to kick off the school year with ...
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