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The pandemic reshaped who gets to travel and where.
In the past, the most powerful passports were based on countries’ political and soft power on the international arena. These days, who gets to travel and where people can go are largely dictated by how a country has handled the pandemic.The Henley ...
It's a particularly complicated part of life, but you don't have to navigate through it alone.
Being in your late teens is quite confusing. You're outgrowing your "teen" phase but you're not quite on the adulting stage just yet. It's a particularly complicated part of life, but you don't have to navigate through it alone.Let these podcasts keep you company as you make your ...
Her podcast is called “Adulting with Joyce Pring.”
The closer you are to the end of your teenage year, the more stressful you get thinking about your future. But worry no more, there are personalities who will guide you on your way to ~adulting~ life like Joyce Pring.In her podcast ...
Let's take a look here.
If you’re an existing driver’s license holder or are applying for a new one anytime soon, then you may have probably heard about the new application guidelines laid down by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).The requirements of driver’s license applications have changed ...
Fast cars and dark roads don't mix.
Early morning drives are supposed to be calm and relaxing—a time to plug in a chill playlist, gather your thoughts, and think behind the wheel. Unfortunately for us in the city, 2019 data suggests the wee hours of the day are also ...
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