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The rival schools are united in this pursuit.
Last Thursday, Ateneo de Manila University president Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin SJ shared his sentiments regarding the killing of Kian De Los Santos and the war on drugs with the Ateneo Community.He pleaded for the killings to stop and to restore ...
When you've got your nose buried between the pages of a book, you know you're part of a special club.
 1  No matter how hard you try shifting to e-books so your room doesn't turn into a mad, Ollivander's-looking hideaway for countless volumes, you can't help but crack when you hold a "real" book in your hands. 2  You wish someone would create a ...
You know you've got a problem when your thumb just won't stay off your smartphone.
If you haven't made friends with that bright yellow icon with the floating white ghost inside it, you better get on the bandwagon. Because everyone's shooting snapshots and short videos to capture—basically, whatever—minus the pressure of Instagram permanence. When Snapchat takes over ...
Don't worry, we won't take it against you.
And how do you deal with someone who's getting addicted to alcohol and drugs?
In an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood, The X Factor judge opened up about her drug addiction in and her eating disorder that prompted her to check into rehab back in 2010. Demi Lovato had resorted to lying, sneaking in drugs and ...
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