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The Biebs shows off his new pet, Zooey Deschanel is a parent (wait, what?!), and Katy Perry's celebrating her birthday with, ahem, someone.
#pacthehamster Bieber looking incredibly adorable with a cute hamster! Lucky hamster![nextpage][nextpage]Jake Johnson is preggers! Cc: markjakejohnson Deschanel will be a daddy soon! Congratulations to Jake Johnson!NOW my bday is complete! Lunch with @michelleobama #chicvote Birthday to Katy Perry, who ...
We've got a new song, a remix, and a leaked track for you!
Merry Christmas to all Jonatics! The Jonas Brothers are back with a new song, "Dance Until Tomorrow," which was leaked the past weekend. No official word from the JoBros yet, but remember what Kevin Jonas said last month: "I think the tides ...
We've got a new music video, a live performance, and a song sneak peek for you!
Let's take a break from the holiday songs, shall we? Here's some live Christina Perri for fans of "A Thousand Years." You're welcome.Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson has released an awesome flash-mob-sprinkled music video, "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)." All together now: "What doesn't ...
We spotted Candy Cutie and Gigger Boy Enrique Gil and other guys at the Adam Lambert concert in Manila last October 10. We asked them what their fave Adam Lambert song is.
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Two lucky Candy Girls share with you the awesome experience of watching Glambert's fancy, fabulous concert!
Check out the photos from the concert in the slideshow below.Related article:Stylish Girls Spotted at the Glam Nation Tour ...
Featured Videos Correspondents Bea and Dani spotted these stylish girls at Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour last October 10 at the MOA Concert Grounds!
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