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She's a professional figure skater who has competed in several tournaments abroad.
In a slew of up-and-coming talents in the entertainment industry, Ashley Ortega is surely making a name for herself. With her undeniable brilliance in acting, double-tap-worthy sense of style, and the *grit* to make it in such a competitive industry, it seems like ...
She opened up about her hardships before entering showbiz.
We may know Jane de Leon as the talented up-and-coming actress she is today, but her life wasn’t always all sunshine and rainbows. Like most of us, the 23-year-old Darna star went through her fair share of hardships to achieve the success and recognition ...
Look how far they've come.
We're so glad that here at Candy, we've witnessed the early stages of these Candy cover girls' careers. Back then they were all pretty, but now, they're even more gorgeous than ever and led a successful life with their career and family.Hit ...
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