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From award-winning actors to top musicians.
It will take more than a college degree to excel in the entertainment industry. Things like hard work and talent also come into play. But some celebrities just prove that they're achievers regardless of what field they decide to pursue. From award-winning actors to ...
They take acads seriously, too.
It takes a different kind of know-how to excel in skill-based professions like those in the entertainment industry. But despite that, there are still famous stars who manage to excel in school, even in the local showbiz scene. Below, we list down ...
Putting those student-athlete time management skills to good use
If there’s one skill a student-athlete picks up over the years, it’s having A+ time-management skills.So perhaps in this period of quarantine, their natural skills were put to good use with the amount of free time they suddenly found themselves with.That’s the ...
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