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She recently joined Canada’s Drag Race.
Kyne is a Pinay drag queen based in Canada. She started to love mathematics in high school and according to her, she's always seen the “beauty and elegance” of the subject. Underneath the drag, Kyne sees herself as a nerdy person.With a ...
Aside from their exemplary acting chops, these K-drama actresses are also aces in school.
You may have met your favorite K-drama stars on screen as talented actresses who can expertly cry on cue, drop comedic punchlines in perfect timing, or make you feel all giddy with their lovely smiles. But before they made it to your ...
Don’t let your failures define you.
Okay, hear this out! There are students who make academic failures a big deal not because they’re simply grade-conscious or competitive, it’s just that they have already set some standards and goals for plans that they want to achieve. Hence, they become ...
It’s going to suck, but you’ll be okay.
Failing a class sucks. You're forced to repeat it for another term while all your other blockmates move forward in life, which drains any feelings of self-worth right out of you. Failures essentially make you feel like it’s the end of the ...
Note to self: You having a hard time does not equate to you being less smart.
College seems more bearable because we have our friends who relate to our struggles. But sometimes, our circles don’t necessarily go through the same things we do. You may be struggling to keep your grades up, but for your friends, getting As ...
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What do you love about Candy?
The Candy editors loves Candy! How about you? What do you love about Candy? I grew up reading Candy and I can say that it is really the ultimate guide and survival for teens. It reminds me the fun of being a ...
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