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Taylor Lautner does "crazy stunts" in his new movie.
Taylor Lautner took on "crazy stunts" in his new action movie, Abduction. The Twilight Saga cutie got to jump off walls and "do some awesome fight scenes, car chases, (and) explosions." He even did an unscripted stunt involving a massive glass structure ...
Check out the thriller's new teaser.
Taylor Lautner kicks butt in the sparring session that opens a new Abduction trailer. The Twilight star plays Nathan, a high school student who finds out that his recently murdered parents aren't his biological parents. Taylor's rumored girlfriend Lily Collins co-stars as ...
Your fave werewolf stars in a new action-mystery movie.
Taylor Lautner is all praises for his new thriller, Abduction. "When I got the script, I couldn't stop turning the pages... It's really emotional and challenging as well. It was definitely the right choice."He's also "super excited" about all the action and ...
The Twilight Saga hunk takes a role different from being Jacob Black.
Taylor Lautner leads the upcoming thriller Abduction. The movie is about a young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby pictures on a missing persons website. Taylor's rumored girlfriend Lily Collins and Alfred Molina ...
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