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Will "Harry Freaking Potter" succeed The Boy Who Lived?
Known for playing Harry Potter in viral online parodies, Glee’s Darren Criss is in talks to replace Daniel Radcliffe in the Broadway musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Fandoms collide much?As for Darren’s Glee stint, Deadline reports that 20th ...
"Teenage Dream" Darren Criss performs at the Ayala Malls for two days! Make sure to catch him tonight at the Trinoma Activity Center at 7pm!
You might know Darren Criss from the hit show Glee, where he plays out and proud Warbler student Blaine. But did you know that before Glee he and his friends from StarKid Productions created a musical inspired by the Harry Potter series ...
Glee's guest star Darren Criss treats fans to an acoustic set and tweets at them to invite them to watch.
On Glee, he plays Blaine, who's part of The Warblers. He's also Kurt Hummel's boyf. (He's also just been renewed as a regular for the next season! Congratulations, Darren!) Before he joined the cast of Glee as guest star, he was actually ...
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