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Effortless très chic street style guaranteed!
Here at the Candy HQ, we've always raved about the effortless, but always stylish and sophisticated Parisian style. We love how simple their style is: undone, but somehow put-together. And while the Parisian girl would try out some of the current trends ...
Because Parisian style is effortlessly chic.
It's no secret that girls admire, and strive for the Parisian's effortlessly fashionable style. Whether it's a structured coat, the perfect flats, or a classic Breton tee, there's just something about the Parisian girl's style that's always put together without being over ...
See how white decor and classic pieces turned this debut to a lovely affair.
Paris is a dream destination for just about any hopeless romantic. With its beautiful elements, Paris is the perfect source of inspiration for parties, like your debut. Just like other girls, debutante Faith also fell in love with the City of Lights' pretty features, which she ...
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