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Which team are you rooting for: Arianna and Reese's or Niko and Mika's?
During the Candy Readers' Choice Awards 2015 shoot, we asked your Favorite Model on Instagram Arianna Cowper and Favorite Creative Girl Reese Lansangan to play one round of charades against Favorite Athlete Mika Reyes and Favorite Candy Cutie Niko Rodriguez? The Candy Team gave them a list ...
We just have to keep up with this friendly superstar.
It is no easy task to keep track of Taylor Swift's BFFs because girl keeps adding one to the list every minute. We made one over here last year, and now we have to update it because she's gained a ton of ...
Being a teen is tough and Safeguard Derma Sense says enough—time to #FaceUp!
With teens taking selfies as the norm, you would think that teens these days have all the confidence, right? Not quite. Hitting puberty can be rough and with the onslaught of hormones come emotional and physical change; the most evident of which ...
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