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You won't believe how fresh and cool PNU's new ladies' room is!
What's one of the worst possible things when it's that time of the month, or just when you have an emergency and need to go? Disgusting bathrooms! When there's no water or tissue paper and the floor and toilet are dirty? Yup, ...
The CAREFREE Fresh Room is doing just that, one bathroom at a time.
When you think of your daily activities—from commuting to and from school, being exposed to pollution and other things that cause you stress apart from the kind you get from fulfilling school requirements—we understand that you can get a little concerned about ...
Take a peek at the unforgettable experience of our our prom barkada winners!
The and Carefree Fun & Fresh Prom barkada winners—Patricia Mendoza, Nicole Pamular, Anne Magboo, and Carissa Carandang—had an unforgettable prom night!The preps kicked off with a date with blogger Verniece Enciso who met the girls over cake and drinks to talk ...
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