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We're probably guilty of one or all ten of these!
It doesn't matter whether you're a beauty girl or not—everyone wants great skin. While having an effective skin care regimen is a must to achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin, your lifestyle and daily habits are just as important—maybe even more so. ...
Upgrade your style with these styling tips now!
There's no doubt that fashion is fun. Plus, it's a great way to show your personality in a creative way, too! But while fashion is more often than not, a free zone for girls to channel their different style characters, you still ...
Ditch these bad hair habits to achieve healthy and shiny tresses, STAT.
It's no secret that playing with and trying out different makeup trends is fun. But if there is anything that is as fun as creating a strong red lip that has got to be playing with your locks, and creating different 'dos ...
Read on to avoid committing any beauty crimes from now on.
Scoring new makeup goodies is always fun, and playing with them afterwards is even better. While we believe that putting on makeup should always be a fun process, sometimes out of pure excitement to try out the different makeup trends you see ...
Are you guilty of doing any of these bad habits?
Most girls have their beauty routine all planned out. They have a go-to skin care regimen that simply never fails them, but while one may take good care of her skin, it's inevitable that there are still some bad skin care habits ...
We just have to keep up with this friendly superstar.
It is no easy task to keep track of Taylor Swift's BFFs because girl keeps adding one to the list every minute. We made one over here last year, and now we have to update it because she's gained a ton of ...
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And she looks fab! Check out her new 'do and get inspired to snag her look.
The teen queen finally debuts her new short locks after weeks of speculation of whether she made the cut or not. Kathryn Bernardo posted this picture of herself with famous hairstylist Jing Monis sporting a wavy long bob and we just absolutely love ...
Check out which celebrities have the best looking eyebrows and find out what products will help you achieve your dream brows!
When it comes down the very basic essentials of putting on makeup, a girl must never forget to add color to her cheeks and lips, emphasize the eyes, and define her eyebrows. The last one might be most important of all because ... Correspondent Mai selects 10 of the sweetest reel couples, who prove that the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
This February, feel the love in the air as you browse through the slideshow below. Here are some of the best on-screen couples on TV and the silverscreen. ... Correspondent Mae shares some cool ideas on what you can give to your boy this V-Day.
The day of hearts is fast approaching. Still clueless on what to give your boy? You know you don't want to fall into the same Valentine's Day gift trap of giving something generic like a stuffed animal or a greeting card. Ditch ... Correspondents Thea and Mae spill what they're obsessing about this month!
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