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Now 18, Xyriel is all grown up and ready to take on the world.
Patrick set the record straight and clapped back at netizens who kept pestering the newlyweds about their absence.
From Andrea Brillantes' retro space to Niana Guerrero's galaxy-themed room.
"I had to choose education, as much as it hurts to give up that character."
Tag your BFFs, get your phones ready, and try this dance challenge right now.
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Francine also shares her other firsts, including her first shopping splurge and the first book she's finished reading.
FYI, you can download Jentle Garden for free on your phone!
We can't wait to see the continuation of Max and Deib's love story!
Rumor has it, the feud between the two actresses started during ABS-CBN's recent Christmas Special.
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